About Matthew

Matthew Wilson

Hi, my name is Matthew Wilson and welcome to the site about my favorite piece of furniture, a teak shower bench.

I run a small furniture company with a well working team of seven employees. At first we started working with all kinds of furniture, but lately, our focus locks more and more to teak wood furniture. Each one of us loves to work with teak since it’s so easy to work with and you always get a beautiful piece that will last for ages.

Although we work together on everything, when it comes to teak shower benches they have been my favorite pieces to work with for a while now. There’s something special in that spa feel that they give away. I love doing research on it and coming up with some new creative designs that would please the eyes and needs of our customers.

We love every piece of teak furniture that we make and so do our customers. We often have people that come again later to buy them as presents for someone. Recently, a lady told us that here teak shower bench looks better now than five years ago and that she was surprised how well it stood up against the water.

I want to share as much useful information as possible about teak shower benches and other wooden furniture. I hope that I’ll help you recognize quality shower benches when you see them or even inspire you to make some, you never know.

Best regards,