Bathing Aids: Make Your Bathroom Safer and Comfortable

Bathing Aids: Make Your Bathroom Safer and Comfortable

Bathing aidsBathing is something we all do regularly, well most of us, and some conditions or injuries require extra assistance for it.

Whether you injured your foot and can’t stand properly or have a poorer balance due to age, bathing aids can be a huge help.

Thankfully, we live in an age where this kind of support is very accessible and it can help you significantly improve your bathing experience.

When you want to depend on yourself, preventing falls and slips are of crucial significance.

Depending on your needs, you can rely on either temporary (portable) or permanent (mounted) bathing aids. We can additionally divide bathroom aids into the following categories:

Bath support

Taking a bath is a truly relaxing experience but moving and standing up in it can cause trouble with certain conditions.

Bath seats, bath boards, and bath lifts can elevate your seating position and help you sit comfortably in a tub, without the risk of slipping or failing to get up. You can even get bath cushions for even more comfort.

Shower support

Bathing handlesShowers can be a lot quicker and safer than baths, but you need the proper equipment to secure your shower.

Similarly to bath ones you also have shower seats to make the shower more comfortable if you have enough space.

For even more comfort, especially if you need extra support, shower commode chairs can greatly improve your showers.

If you don’t have space for a seat or don’t need one, shower mats can be fantastic protection against slipping.

Toilet support

With some injuries or conditions, especially those related to hips or back, any activity that requires sitting can be a challenge.

Elevated toilet seats, bath steps, and handrails will help you sit more easily and comfortably, reducing the pain.

Bathroom grabs

A bathroom grab can do incredible help with balance while sitting up or sitting down. You can choose between the mounted or suction cup ones, and place them wherever you think you need them. Never have troubles to reach for something or raise your legs without something to hold on for.

Bathing aids can come in various materials: plastic, wood or steel. The most important thing is that they have anti-slip support and that the material is water-resistant.

When it comes to wood, teak is a great option, while the steel needs to be stainless one. Being able to bathe and wash easily alone can be a remarkable improvement in everyday life.