How to Use a Shower Chair Correctly and Avoid Getting Hurt

How to Use a Shower Chair Correctly and Avoid Getting Hurt

You bought or plan to buy a new shower chair and can’t wait to use it? Doesn’t seem like it, but you can get seriously hurt if you don’t know how to use a shower chair correctly.

Many have been doing this wrong all this time.

Just a couple of simple tips could make your showers much more enjoyable and avoid easily preventable injuries. With so many information out there, it’s hard to pick out the important things.

We decided to prepare a brief but informative article to let everyone know how to use a shower chair correctly. Slippery showers cause a surprising number of injuries every day and we can at least prevent some of them.

How to Use a Shower Chair Correctly

How to Use a Shower Chair CorrectlyShower chairs would definitely mean the most to the elderly or the people with disabilities or injuries. You can also use it just if you want more comfort or want to shave easier, but to some people, a shower chair could be life-changing.

If you have trouble with keeping your balance while showering, don’t look at design too much but choose the safest option. A fixed shower chair is the safest bet if you don’t need to move it, we also recommend that you get a handle installed too.

However, there are more reasons why and how to use a shower chair correctly:

  • Relaxation: Showers are among the most relaxing parts of the day. A nice and comfortable shower chair will help you get away for a moment from your busy schedule.
  • Storage: Some chairs offer a lot of additional storage too. However, don’t sacrifice safety for storage if you want to learn how to use a shower chair correctly.
  • Support: Besides helping elderly and injured, shower chairs provide extra support for shaving or showering when tired.

Knowing how to use a shower chair safely will make it worth much more and save you from accidents.

How to Shower With a Shower Chair

After you properly learn how to shower with a shower chair, your showers will be much less painful and even enjoyable. If you or your loved ones have troubles showering safely, make sure to follow these steps:

  1. Check that the shower chair is standing firmly in place, not allowing it to wobble or slide.
  2. Gather all you are going to need so you can reach it without standing up while showering.
  3. Place safety mats and towels, never step on bare surfaces with wet feet, it can lead to slips quickly.
  4. Monitor movements, the biggest part of learning how to shower with a shower chair safely is not making too many sudden motions.
  5. If you are working with an injured or person with a disability, make sure to lead them through the process and leave them enough space for privacy.

You can also use your shower chair as a support to get in or out of the bathtub or a shower.

How to Use a Shower Chair Safely

When you know how to use a shower chair safely, potential injuries can be brought down to a minimum. If you feel unsafe while showering and bathing, getting a shower chair and following these simple steps can help you feel comfortable again:

  • Adjust the height of the chair so you can sit and stand up easily, especially if you suffer from frequent back pain.
  • Make sure that the legs are level and in contact with the floor.
  • Use a slip-resistant mat both beneath the chair and beneath your feet.
  • Clear the area of any obstruction so you don’t stumble on something or make it fall.
  • Watch the weight distribution. Avoid sitting on the edge of the chair if you don’t have too.

Hope that you know how to use a shower chair correctly and that you will incorporate these tips into your everyday routine.

How to Use a Tub Transfer Bench

Using shower benchEven though shower benches are great for safety, sometimes it’s not the best idea to use them to get in or out of the bathtub. This is why a bath transfer bench was invented and I want to show you how to use a tub transfer bench properly.

First, you need to put the part with the suction cups inside the bathtub, placing it on the end of the flat part of the tub. The other two legs should be resting firmly on the outside of the tub.

After you make sure that the bench is not moving, back up to the bench and sit on it. Now all you have to do is slowly rotate your body and put your feet inside of the bathtub.

Better transfer benches have backrests too, so make sure that you place the bench with you facing the faucet. It sounds silly but it’s an easy mistake to make.

I hope that you know how to use a shower chair correctly, as well as other bathroom aides. Some serious injuries are easily preventable if you just take a bit more caution.