Teak Wood Use: It's Used For More Than Just Furniture

Teak Wood Use: It's Used For More Than Just Furniture

Teak wood earned its reputation by enduring hard weather conditions like no other wood was able to. Since it’s so rich in oils and has a tight grain, teak is extremely resistant to the elements, especially water exposure.

That’s why it’s the best wood to use when it comes to industries like boating, outdoor furniture, as well as spa and bathroom furniture.

Outdoor and Bathroom Furniture

Teak bathroom furniturePoolside and patio chairs and tables made of teak wood are becoming more and more popular. It can last you a lifetime, and it also looks great even when weathered since it develops a silver-gray patina.

It is highly desirable as indoor furniture too since it serves as a repellent for insects and pests like termites. Indian households are using teak extensively for doors and window frames due to this.

Not to mention that it would be a sin to forget its stylish and luxurious look too. Most of the furniture in luxurious spas are made of wood as it gives them both stylish and comfortable look.

Boats and Sails

Boatbuilding is one of the most traditional teaks uses out there. Discoveries showed that teak has been used in boat building for over 2000 years.

Rot, fungi, and mildew have pretty much nothing on this type of wood. That’s why boat builders are using teak timber for framing, planking and most notably for boat deck for ages.

Other Uses

Teak furnitureWoodworkers love it since it’s easily worked and provides a lot of options when it comes to finishing.

It is also frequently used for indoor flooring, kitchen countertops or even cutting boards.

Even though it is easily worked with, silica in the wood can blunt-edged tools easily so it may require more skillful approach.

Carved teak pieces are also very popular and these kind of antiques are one of the most sought after.

This is probably why teak wood furniture is often priced more than the other wooden furniture.

Teak is an all-around durable and high-quality timber, but it’s oily properties make it a perfect piece for water endurance.

Sustainable teak plantations make it more and more affordable and buying teak furniture is always a good investment as it can last you a lifetime.